It was through a series of fortunate events that I found myself interviewing the most delightful woman who is at the end of her life. I had been told that she was an extraordinary knitter. When she emerged from her bedroom to greet me, my eyes were drawn past her face to the most colourful wall - recessed shelving that was filled with yarn of various colour, shades, and textures. As I sat in her living room, observed by a mourning dove from the feeder outside the window and seated upon the casket in which she will eventually lie, I asked her many difficult questions about life, her philosophies, and things she wished to pass on to her loved ones. She took each one in stride, speaking with a quiet certitude and taking generous pauses to formulate her thoughts before sharing them. She had incredible stories to tell of where she grew up and the travelling she had done, both as a young child and as a married woman and teacher. She spoke about how some of her greatest blessings in life were born out of tragedy and how her faith has been instrumental in shaping how she perceives the world. Here is "Yarn & A Mourning Dove".