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The Legacy Song Project: Honouring those who have died

by CKDU News Reporter Sara Gouda

June 15, 2022

The Legacy Song Project aims to celebrate those at the end-of-life

written article by Steve Gow

May 10, 2022

The Legacy Song Project: Atlantic Chapter 2022

with CBC Radio Mainstreet NS host Jeff Douglas

February 28, 2022

A Tranquil Passage | The Power Of Music

with Michael Brooke

“When Sarah first emailed me explaining what she did as a Music Therapists and songwriter, I knew she’d be perfect for this podcast. In this episode, Sarah explains how she creates customized songs for those who have passed away as well as those in the end-stages of life. Sarah is a truly gifted artist and her work in Music Therapy is incredible inspiring.”

How legacy songs help Nova Scotians honour loved ones they’ve lost

with CBC Radio Mainstreet NS host Jeff Douglas

Songwriters Terra Spencer and Sarah McInnis joined host Jeff Douglas to talk about part two of their end of life planning conversations, and why some families turn to music to honour their loved one’s legacy.

Sarah McInnis and The Legacy Song Project

with Journey Magazine

When Hilda Walsh of Douro, Ontario died at the age of 101
three years ago, she left behind a legacy — a gift that would
grow in the heart of her grand-daughter, Sarah McInnis,
leading her to ease the pain and grief of others.