Applications for The Legacy Song Project: Atlantic Chapter are now closed. 

The Legacy Song Project: Atlantic Chapter 2022

Designed for individuals nearing the end of their lives and for those who have lost loved ones, The Legacy Song Project: Atlantic Chapter will involve an 8-song album and short documentary film that is an invitation to honour, reflect on, and preserve the memory of a loved one in an original song.

Application form below.

Participant Selection
Everyone’s story deserves to be heard. However, this first-of-its-kind project depends on limited funding sources, so only 8 participants will be carefully selected, at this time. Sarah reserves the right to select participants based on suitability for the project, with preference given to early submissions.  

If selected to participate, you will be contacted via email to begin the process of consent. 

If you apply but are not selected, you may still choose to commission a song, however it will be independent from this project. Please see details below for eligibility.

Set for release in November 2022.

....................................We acknowledge the support of..................................... The Canada Council for the Arts & Arts Nova Scotia.

Sarah McInnis

BA (Hons.) | BMT | MTA

Sarah McInnis is a storyteller, singer-songwriter, music therapist, and end-of-life doula living in Port Williams, NS. She is passionate about helping people navigate death and grief through music.


  • A 1.5 to 3 hour audio and video recorded interview is conducted (preference for in-person; available online if needed).
  • Sarah uses the content from the conversation to write and record a personalized song within a 4 week period, depending on urgency.
  • Once the participants individual song is created, they will receive a complete copy of the video interview, the song (music only version), as well as a version with vocal clips from the interview, a chord chart and the lyrics.
  • The 8 audio/video recorded interviews and songs are estimated to be completed over a period of 8 months, from March to October 2022. If selected, all that is required from you is a signed consent form and roughly 3 hours of time in which the interview will take place. The stories you tell in the interview become the foundation for the song that is created for you or your loved one. If you or your loved one is nearing end-of-life and require an earlier timeline, every effort will be made to adjust the interview date.

  • The project will culminate in a complete album and short docufilm that will be ready for dissemination via online platforms/radio and public performance for November 2022 (estimate time frame).

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